Save up to 50%of your time

Using a docurex® dataroom speeds up your M & A transactions and due diligence up to 50%.

Your electronic dataroom is available for you within a few moments.

All documents can automatically be converted into PDF format.

Our scanning service can capture your entire data (usually paper) and initially fill your dataroom

Due to its nature many buyers or sellers can access the data room in parallel.

The user interface of the dataroom is versatile and easy to use. All tasks, such as management of documents or modification of access rights can be completed in a few steps.


Reduce transaction costs

Replace your existing physical dataroom bydocurex virtual dataroom! You can reduce costs through efficient processes and shorter transaction times.

You do not need any IT personell to take care of the administration. docurex® is self-explaining and requires no user training.


Increase safety and minimize risk

A multi-level security system guarantees a high degree of contract security for your transaction. The audit-log records all activities in the data room, 128-bit encryption of all data transfers and an efficient authorization concept is in place.These are just three of over 20 security features. Click here to learn more.


Optimize processes and improve quality

By evaluating the activity logs in the docurex® data room, you can analyze and evaluate the interest of investors.  This gives you a kind of flexibility that is not known in physical datarooms

Flexible Modules

Q&A-Module (Questions und Answers)

Allow investors, employees or other users to ask specific questions about specific documents or folders. These questions will be sent to a responsible employees or departments who can directly take care of the question. By using docurex® Q & A-module it is possible to deal with a very large number of questions within a very short time.